Welcome, and thanks for stopping here to read selections of my original poetry and prose. Only half my art is here. As you browse my puppets, words if you will, think of them as empty hulls whose dance and form are only animated in Play through my vocal conveyance of their characters and via my direction of their tone. Lyric to the ears, its whole message soon appears, in thus the conjuring of ancient daemons deep within to combat the evil ones brought up infernal by the Craft of ages can be our stage tonight.

On this blog the theme is AWAKENING and how Revelation is not some story plural in a Book but supposed to be one of yours in this lifetime. Here in verse I share with you my inquiry to which has bonded Muse.
YOUR STORY IS THE STORY. Their horsie four so full of holes they named that way just to have a laugh. Revelation and Creation coincide, they never stopped. A daily occurrence in a Live Show me is true Prophesy which I assure you, smells nothing like a library book, and for which no innocents are ever killed. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you copy it to heart.

Everything is book

everything is book.

Uncapitalized be.

At the heart of it all, you don't look out.
It climbs inside your eyes.

Invoked the astral accidental when slow motion tennis play
the backyard 360 of the day
warp speed.
The flow in the Game,
a bouncy brook, choppy waters break
of interaction's point downstream.
as the boat and river one the same,
or as testubes do,
you just take a look.

Solar panels --
what a dirty metaphor.
Blasphemer, electricity!
You cannot kidnap energy.
And pretend it's still all sunny boy later on.
No, pretty much... it's flowing all you through circuits I see
and you just stole his bloody juice.

If a face is one way you assume attention is being paid.
And there it is, for we do not have different faces.
All are the face of One to which Nobody looks upon,
and that is very sad because of course once, they all knew.
Abandonment is not the same as repulsed by.

Something pulls you then we know. Similar masses attract the other.
Will it orbit or it asteroid when deep inside the Fall?
Maybe it already did, and this is the going through.

One sunflower is sometimes Show, so all follow sun.

Bliss is observation and participation dancing
with your heart and your two eyes too as hips a couple sway.
The stopping of everything just jiggling around in some potential,
and turning it All to absolute Zoom at once.

Am I just outside in a different place?
Am I different in a place that's just outside?

Demonstration is often missed because
there it is under the nose, and even in the mirror
eyes still hog all the time they can
marvelling the reflected one.

There are tornadoes fiercely blowing inside houses
while outside, breezes barely whisper around corners
and there Doppler bumblebees.

Chessboard sucked up for squares the cieling tile
and vomited out whole game history the floor.
The Vortex cannot be unseen.

F4 up and down to some weird middle
I can't seem to feel is real somehow.
White winds funnel up one way
black winds down the opposite;
be sure it's not the other else you be tricked.

to look around
to look around

No straight ahead for which to strive
my path a circle of awareness
Destiny always here and now this hive these outside weeds
and gets put to bed a clock for ticker tape parade and consumer needs

to look around
to look around

And to this moment given to you,
be grateful at what
can be so mundane,
world in a word forgotten.

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