Welcome, and thanks for stopping here to read selections of my original poetry and prose. Only half my art is here. As you browse my puppets, words if you will, think of them as empty hulls whose dance and form are only animated in Play through my vocal conveyance of their characters and via my direction of their tone. Lyric to the ears, its whole message soon appears, in thus the conjuring of ancient daemons deep within to combat the evil ones brought up infernal by the Craft of ages can be our stage tonight.

On this blog the theme is AWAKENING and how Revelation is not some story plural in a Book but supposed to be one of yours in this lifetime. Here in verse I share with you my inquiry to which has bonded Muse.
YOUR STORY IS THE STORY. Their horsie four so full of holes they named that way just to have a laugh. Revelation and Creation coincide, they never stopped. A daily occurrence in a Live Show me is true Prophesy which I assure you, smells nothing like a library book, and for which no innocents are ever killed. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you copy it to heart.

Nobody to flip it

As we down 
the slimy flush vortex 
wash ourselves repeat,
g'night all sewer rats 
of History replete. 

Not so empty
lack of salt or sand.

Time goes now, 
and Word 
no longer prepostioned,
ceased of Man.

Getting Mad and Holes in the Moon

The eighties 
weren't a time 
they were a decade-disguised cumulative broadcast 
of (synth)thesis 
to freaks and geeks 
to which I believe 
my wider House, 
special powers orphaned
has neglected 
all sleeper cell, 
and sadly 
every blunt nuance its implicit togetherness Umbrella Factory.

Time for hotstuff.

Bringing You Out of It

If you are enriched by Truth
and you are driven to empathy 
with open heart, 
then you will know the heavy burden it is now 
to carry virtue with you as you go. 

You are too full in meaningless times. 

Heavy is the head that wears the crown 
as the Snake coils in minions up, minions down.
No Kether light as feather
shall be known 
until all are free.

its weight in gravity 
must now be endured, 
for you carry what the others will need 
so very soon to be cured. 
It is difficult to move. 
The 'why' a palpable huge. 
A paradigm a dozen. 
Faith is rife with pain and angst holds angels to the rain. 
Slowing down, in entropy, they pass you on the ground. 

Inquisitors seek confession.  But you know 
there can be no room for vapid stories of made-up lies
of enemies you must despise, 
and you still refuse to accept imposters on these presented temperaments of Mother Gaia 
as true form. 
She knows her children are those wet with tears.

It seems you must even crawl to gain one day.
Wonders are becoming! 
I know the laden down you, for I too struggle to move the Temple a tiny fraction closer to our home. 

Our Stonehenge of spirit lines up in the near to distant nox, 
and our shared shoulders bear the most important Light a beacon there in rocks
that must flare into Eternity at its rising hour. 

The prophesy not of clocks. Alarms. Alarms ...

Sick Sygma

Violence and
divisive politics
led by gross media Acts.
Police in military brutality
on citizen to murder astreet full war gear.


They are science-sigma
of the Corporate interests
on the problem called


I am intrigued 
more not by the sky 
but by where 
the treetops end.

Horn Rimmed Ridge

You knew about it. 
So many docos 
The Jiffypopped kooks --
marble hall interviews,
hallway denials. 
All true.

That damned Owl 
that stole my Journalism,
and in dirty money 
tucked hid "1 corner." 

All suits on the News
gone Campy in redwood. 
Elite not silver cursive 
glued logotype RV side
but the real spoon
blocked road entrance inside.

socially distant fun. 
you and me.
Coronavirus of the respiratory SARS! 
Hail these campfire things
not ours.
And a Howl 
that nobody heard 
named Ginsberg.

Verbal Equinox

We fall for God 
every time, 
but His tears 
our reign 
for the lack of Vision 
to see the Cross 
in every 

Rolling Stone. 
of air 
and dark high places.

God is a verb!

And here you are, 
sold Sunday. 
A basketful 
of fake plastic grass 
and a hollowed out 
bunny confection mold.

Right eye, somewhere 
on the bottom,
just one white blue dotted eye left, 
and some glue spots peering out from under Wicker weave.


I lived a decade 
in the passing of a few hours. There are Dominoes, 
there are cards, 
but in my magic world 
there is only irony 
and synchronicity, 
and the steadfast rudder 
of knowing 
who I am so fiercely 
it scares the crap 
out of delicate shadows 
posing as people 
bobbing like buoys 
in an angry sea. 

Sextet, sail on.

Johnny GI Go

You live 
in a fascist right wing State. 
Staying up
watching Hitler late
but guess what that's really you!
Black and white is very black and blue.
There is no Democracy. 
There is no more activism
There is no more Free Speech  no more dissent allowed
Unless licensed in crowd
fenced off,  one public
construction zone bestowed

So sidewalk soggyplanks 
the wingtips rush 
politician pinstriped fatsuits pitchforks pushed aside
Capitol step climb dutily
corporate conglomerates
Dividends not salary.

And all the while.

State thugs with guns 
are kidnapping
locking up journalists 
for telling truth 
and calling it 
"bank robbery."

are being harassed 
by Orwellian jackbooted police
merely for having interest 
in true International affairs
gone fleeced.

Cuz you do pay
for 'em all after all
I-RS my case ca-ching.

Whole lives ruined 
for speaking up. 
'Zombie Apocalypse'
is like if Mary knew
there was something called
'King James Bible.'

Holy day 
posthumously divine way
Consumer Hero icon killed they
the governments and spies.
all is war today.

Stay home. Sleep.
Binge Netflix.
Football rage. Weep.
The Impeach 'You're Fired' Show.
Take sides not leave them,
blunten all sharpened point
to justvforce trauma
knockout not Astral light.
What did the POTUS tweet today
PNAC pocus focus 
Atlantic Group
come on out and say? 
IMDB Donald J.
A walrus genocidal Jester 
a fat guy named Pompous
and a card called Trump. 

Everything outside border, 
Not your worry though.
Just pay up and hail 
Johnny GI go.
All dressed up and
and you still see right 
through him though
and cheer
for Freedom not yours at all
and murder monster extorted,
Recruiting Hall.

Paid for by The US army. 
That lie alone should
turn red amber waves of grain.

Some Straight Up Seuss

So, what was it, fine tots
so powerful as to actually stop
the monstrous-bronterous
industro-slaughter thingamabot
way back there
in the screaming melting skin
of Viet Nam?
The Press, before bought!
Black and white images
that they brought.

Not all caps and meme,
Libtard and scream.
Scroll and troll and
Quiz phishing scheme

It was pictures in living rooms!
Ones of broken boned babies strewn
and fried humans still crispy, on News.
Hey, wait is that Jimmy
next to the dead child's shoes?

Televised mobilized
so America could SEE the victim eyes
and to streets, rally 'gainst so-called War
Write your Senator!
Stopped the Nixon and the fixin too,
so show us what you do GIJoe, and cut all the rap.
We need more bloodsoaked
camo snuff films, and
limp child Mom arm
magazine rack.

Anything to stop the endless
ringing of empty word "toll."
Cuz it's about to all happen again
while we all just scroll.
They took the punch
right out of your byte
and now you need it bad
right in the f'n face alright.
Look at it!
Snap your head back
and scream.

Today’s your birthday.
Blow it out and dream.

As So No Below Above

Day on day Mankind 
tricks itself into seeing things 
not for what they truly are,
but for how they appear
obstructed in his plane.
Cursed cursed brain. 
Turning sky
to endless plane.

How we walk right 
upon foundation 
and peer up into veil, 
but never can we 
tilt to touch the Two 
truly One at sail. 

Can we ever grace our underlying Essence and beyond the Eye go Mind?

Orb it is then!
Bearings on big ball
round and round we'll go,
Helios hilarious, 
grunts grinding out 
Great Wheel show.

Sunny Side Up

just assumes their 
superior durability, 
Their stretching 
beyond all 
real measure.

Eventually though 
words break, 
and the yolk of truth 
is ours 
that's cooked up sizzlin'
some King's breakfast.

Peril Eyes

Not interested maybe
but more likely
truly Terror indeed
if nobody dares 
to click 'like' some creed

Deerlit roadside frozen eye
not dare show controversy any side
Stomp firm confrontation's stand
for sake a label or red band

To say something whole room
shove face peripheral elephant
fatten more more heavy gorilla
stick out clean hand 
big toe finger throb.

No though. Face mob.
I'm not like that guy
in fact
I kinda hate him

Wonder at whole world 
levied oceanic flow.
means a prison
of the words 
only so far in Truth
one should really ever go.

Back to the Suture

Two two o'clocks 
I have just seen. 
I existed, 
this hour no more known 
to time! 
And soon moon sun dance
together rise, 
all confused 
and in the same spot stalled...
one.. will take the lead 
I surmise.
took a bite outta the sun...
the dangerous, dangerous


Oh well.
It's dusky for dawn 
that much is apparent, 
and the crows sure know. Horizon obscura though... 
ice crispies the leaflawn 
as I search the sky 
for moonpie 
My paces quicken, 
and still all 
copperysalmon coldsky
chimneypuff ... 
alas sunrise moon 
hides behind same houses,
same trees, 
but I see its fiery light 
on distant treetops. 

And that is 
the Sunday sermon.


the few cold stars tonight
after gale 
and limb-shred leaf
tornado torrent tropic
some flooding rains ago.

Crystal air
I stood out tonight
whence baseball dronecry
warm in box happy in bar
bluelit drunkfaces hugged
I craned to you, in cold
and gazed.

Fallflood summergone 
in just one night 
'fore clock back
dark Mondays on.

Mercenary Me!

Here's the thing.
Freedom for oil
is not your pumping gas
at home.
But the trucks 
and planes and drones
of imperial world Police 

is all ashudder 
quidproquo look at Joe go 
but gives a shit not 
your boys in uniform 
rented a
murderous King.

Protecting fields everywhere
not fighting enemy on them
Stealing from the weak.

Ludicrous Ludwig

Sunday school
wet-day Wittgenstein
pondering why poetry 
really is my thing more 
than snarkposting
all breadbox on Bookface
self choral sing.

Shuddering shoulders awake
depends upon 'games' 
played alongside the River bed. But they have you by the Stream.
Conclusions to which you're led.

So merrily, Verily, 
we go now asea.
Mental Pictures studios
Disney there, broomsticks dancing, and me 
really sweeping up
the room.


So obvious now 
right down to his name
the man his skin like gold sun 
is a living TAROT card
not for Putin puppeteering, 
or Crimea River pro quo
but for the entire 
billionaire class here
and their Davos darlings sass there,
no borders aristo-Peers so known. 

Duncecap distraction 
daylight theft 
the paid classes, 
with Parties and all... 
Jubilee genocide
invaders interference cried
raising billions 
for politician buddies 
to pay media buddies 
for ads and News 
same named conglomo 
same P&L bottom line bongo, 
same Art of Deal 
fat cats golf club swing your gains duly missed.

We're played 
at a casino Tower alright, 
but it's called the 
Pillars of Distraction.

We The Interference

Wouldn't worry
so much
about the Russians
this twenty twenty tried.
Spirits of Darkness
in high places
simply need posses
body and limb.
inside your own hide.

Swipe left
click like
finger swipe
the scrying screens
of true power.
Black oblysk palmsized
greasy finger Host
our each and every hour.

Tapping glass Morse code.
TrueHack body slack
and all y'all
think you're Big Mack
and opinions
and information
shape the Big Mall.

Evil isn't Ruskie do.
Evil, turns out
is our lazy Regan spew
puking Mother over priest
with opposing view
And this Election goes on
and on,
Darkness so high above
the heights we want
to reach.

Company Be

They switched it
the here and Now
the essential sensory
the being and how
That God needs to drink in
taken away
Into tiny screens
cast daemon "whole world"
black boxes handheld
and mounted flat wall meld
Full of stories, written
so very tall
Fear and loathing
and Trump-ette call.

Kubrickon sounds alarm.
It's the Bugle Boi from Company Be.

Commercial Narrative
fills all the fear in tanks.
Pipes it to Affiliate pump.
Now called your Local News.
Gas up!
Sports and weather.
No birds or feather.
Coplights flash on couch patterns home
no backyard lounge rest
as the sun slides by
all day long.

Up comes moon.
What happened today?
What's in your head?
Certainly not the stars.
Crickets and frogs before bed.

All lull miracle must battle
electromagnetic leach
and each arc mounting
at least I know
there's beach.

GIF Hoarse

Add a GIF to your post.
Search no Hitler.
is here.
Why express
when you can just
meme what you say?

The furious funnel
of regurgitated images
forms a new language
of corridored Narrative,
mainstreamed channels
followed in mere wake
of commentary.
Emoticon reactions
with no Say. 

The meaninglessness
of information
speeds up
hurricane force strong, 

Invokes second Flood
not Coming
all mankind.
Twisted Sister
Black Hole ride.
Laughing all the way.
Brains awash
the reaper candy.
Barking bourgeoisie.

Smile Boxes, Screaming Trees

The symbolism
is no longer talisman.
The word,
no longer symbol.
not polarized, but flipped.
The Times End is here.

It all rages now,
all fronts,
full on.
The whole sky
is false,
and getting away
with it
we're stroking
mirrors darkly
down here.

She's dead, Jim,
and you keep throwing her
a ball!

Martian ice
and singing stars,
the only hope ...
Lies in wishing jars.

Aliens we are,
UFOs the white blood cells
Gaia fever epic storm.

Indiginous rape
It's is all the norm,
pretend lines and names
instead of things they are
and hate before love byfar.

Siege. Dirty tricks.
Wedding tent slaughter
from un-Wright-brothered laughter joysticked so,high above.

Capital slaughters Great Mother,
and sprites of her unseen
Joan of Arc now unleashed.
The Gate opens,
but only
as the meadows burn.


Don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna hear it no
war and cheat and lie I know
Don't wanna hear it
it's Friday yo
why you gotta bring that up
when I know the jig is up
but there be now beer
some red wine near
imbibery elsewhere
and soon I know that
I am free

Don't want it
but it's still all me.

Frequency and Wave

Overheard bird.

Cicada, twisty
tsk tsk tsk
nightpulse yes
but painful day cry laser
hurt your ears down here,
so many. O

Every once in a while
one drops
from the treeline
into the pool
hissing all the way down
like a bomb.

It flops about
like a struggling bat
till we scoop it out.

Frequency caught
chlorine lamplit wave.

Tycoon Eleven AM to

Times ten
they spend
welfare subsidy
big tank oil
pipeline Native soil
than one time
on Education.

10x for tycoon.

Industrial paid lobbyists
have Congress' ear
and hold on career,
fancy wined and dined, campaign pocket lined.

Mrs. Crabtree's
3rd grade homeroom
teacher's got
some good cardboard
and foamcore plot.
Just can't seem
to get in and get seen
and ten times is an awful lot
and really kinda mean.